BRUSSELS (AP) — Ukraine will start trading electricity with neighboring European countries later this week as it continues to move away from Russia’s sphere of influence, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) said on Tuesday.

The Belgian-based association, which represents dozens of transmission system operators in Europe, said the first phase of commercial exchanges is set to begin on June 30 following the synchronization of power systems in March.

Following the Russian invasion, engineers linked Ukraine to the continental grid to allow the country to decouple its power system from Russia. Moldova was also synchronized with the continental system.

ENTSO-E, whose 39 members operate the world’s largest interconnected electrical grid, said commercial exchanges with the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems will start on the interconnection between Ukraine and Romania.

Trade on other interconnections (Ukraine-Slovakia, Ukraine-Hungary, and Moldova-Romania) is expected to start at a later stage, with capacity set to 100 megawatts in the first phase, ENTSO-E said.

ENTSO-E said in March that the move will help maintain the stability of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems.

Ukraine and Moldova were previously part of the Integrated Power System that also includes Russia and Belarus. This made Ukraine dependent on Russia’s grid operator despite there having been no electricity trade between the two countries for years.