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HBNaturals Launches New Detox Website For Detox Consumers

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HBN Belly Detox

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HBNaturals Relies on Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Build its New Detox & Cleanse Product Line Website.

I've known Paula & Ben Scarcella for more than a decade and have found them to always go above and beyond in creating the cleanest and most affordable products for their customers.”
— Troy Dooly
DESTIN, FLORIDA, USA, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Paula Scarcella, Founder of Heart & Body Naturals, a leading clean living direct-to-consumer company, tells Troy Dooly how her chatty customers are the key reason she launched HBNDetox.com.

"Our customers started coming to us during the height of Covid in 2020, asking us for detox products based on all kinds of information they were reading on the Internet or watching on cable channels. We realized then we needed to create clean, healthy products for our clients. We talked to our top field consultants for their feedback and finally agreed to formulate Detox/Cleanse products focused on the top seven requests - states Scarcella.

HBNaturals has now launched HBNDetox.com to showcase the products they now offer to the consumer. By providing consumers with one location to research and discover the best product for their current detox concern, they can now shop from the convenience of their home or on the run. Many consumers are not completely sure what is in a detox product or which one helps with what wellness needs they may be experiencing. On the website, the consumer can review the seven top reasons consumers look for a detox or cleanse product and determine which they may wish to purchase.

The seven top detox concerns are:
Belly Detox
Daily Liver Maintenance
Liver Detox
Lymphatic Detox
Parasite Detox
Rapid System Reboot

Each of the HBNaturls detox products helps the body in removing toxins, promoting weight loss, boosting energy, cleansing the liver, or any combination of these. Each product usually contains some combination of fruit, vegetables, herbs, or other natural ingredients that boosts the body's ability to eliminate toxins from the system.

About: Heart & Body Naturals was launched with one simple purpose; sharing the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator. The life-enhancing Healing Trilogy products are the one and only reason for Heart & Body Naturals' existence. If you take away Alexandria's formulas, there would be no Heart & Body Naturals. From the early New Mexico clinic days, Mind, Body, and Soul have each assisted the body with healing naturally and provided a synergistic response when used together. Heart & Body Naturals is honored to be the only company to offer Alexandria Brighton's original Healing Trilogy.

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