BRILLION, Wis. (WFRV) – Ariens is bringing a state-of-the-art biathlon range to Brillion and they said it could help the city thrive.

Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of Ariens said, “We’re going to bring people in from all over the Midwest and all over the country. And I say that because the closest two event centers that are anywhere near this are either over in Lake Placid in New York or way out in the mountains in Utah.”

The City of Brillion said this will help it grow.

Mayor Mike Smith said, “We’re trying to develop Brillion overall and add about 2,000 people over the next 5-10 years and so attractions like this are going to be huge to developing that.”

The training facility will include a snowmaker to extend the ski season from November through March.

“Picture this wooden terrain. Hilly, rolling hills through the woods through some terrained area,” said Ariens. “But it’s all seasons, four season trail Nordic skiing with snowmaking and lighted for evening.”

The facility will be available to use year round.

“In the summer time we are going to pave these three kilometers of trails so you can loop ski on roller skis or run or just race,” Ariens.

The Ariens Company said they plan to have athletes out on the range this December.

“This is going to attract more business for our existing hotels, the apartment buildings, all of the home builders, all of the retail offices here in town,” said Smith.

Ariens said the trail and surrounding facilities will be a $15 million investment.

Two Wisconsinites will be representing the United States in the biathlon, Paul Schommer from Appleton and Deedra Irwin from Pulaski. Ariens is a sponsor of the team.