GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Nearly 40,000 lb. of donations for the people of Ukraine left St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay Monday.

The Help Heroes of Ukraine donation drive says it is the largest shipment in the four rounds of supplies they’ve been sending since the Russian invasion started.

They have everything from baby food to combat boots and just about everything in between.

“We are so grateful for the support,” Jonathan Plypiv, Wisconsin Ukrainians Founder, tells Local 5 News. “The supplies continue to evolve. We have food, medical supplies, boots, and clothes for children and women.”

He says monetary donations will help them buy specialty items in bulk and get more for their dollar.

They are focusing on combat-worthy tourniquets that you can’t find in your typical drug store.

They’re working with a special Texas manufacturer to buy them in mass quantities so they can send as many as possible.

“We don’t want any more orphans,” Plypiv said of the Ukrainians who stayed to fight alongside their military. “We’re trying to do things that help prolong the life of the Ukraine people there’s a genocide that’s been happening. Now we’re seeing a lot more evidence of that. So, we want to do to help save the Ukrainian people so there are no more refugees being made, no more orphans being created each day.”