GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Have you ever had mangonadas?

The Mexican fruit-based desert is a favorite of Green Bay-based food blogger Duane Gamez.

It is also one of dozens of sweet treats and real Mexican candies available seven days a week at the Oasis Neveria store along Webster Avenue and Doty Street on Green Bay’s east side.

“I love to come here because they give you that authentic Mexican flavor when it comes to desserts,” Duane told Local 5 News.

“It’s like mango sherbert,” explained Oasis Neveria owner Pedro Soriano. “We make it all with natural fruit.”

Pedro took over the shop years ago. He employs all family, including his wife and daughters. It is open seven days a week with the after-church crowd on Sunday making the store its busiest.

Originally when he came from Mexico, Pedro first settled with his family in California.

“We came for the American dream,” he recalled. “But In California, the work is harder. I made some friends there and they invited me to come to Wisconsin.”

Oasis Neveria is one of three Hipsanic-themed stores on the block.

Gamez says it’s part of a burgeoning business strategy that recognizes if customers will come to shop for one Hispanic specialty they are sure to stop for others.

“When people stop here they will support all three of these businesses,” Duane said. “I think the Hispanic community is growing here.”

Gamez says the next step is to branch out beyond the Hispanic-themed consumer as Green Bay positions itself as a global community.

“It seems to me more families are coming with business ideas within the Hispanic community,” observed Daune. “I like that. It just shows people are following the American dream.”

Duane has dreams of his own to expand his blog beyond social media.

He’s working on a website and already has his own signature Hot Dog called the “Dewey Dog” that was added to a menu permanently at Yooper Dogz In Menominee, MI.