KESHENA, Wis. (WFRV) – Menominee Youth Services is collecting donations for children’s athletic shoes. This year-long drive helps young athletes by giving them the proper footwear.

The organization feels this will make a big impact in the community.

Adolescent Health Educator Camay Lyons says, “Some families are taking care of children that may not be theirs, so having to buy more than one pair of sports shoes, it’s tough on some families.”

Since the drive started a few weeks ago, the Omaeqnomenewak Wetohkatikamek center has collected sixteen pairs of shoes. They are accepting gently used and new shoes of all youth sizes, and for a variety of different sports.

Because there are many young athletes in the area, Lyons feels children will appreciate this gesture saying, “I think it teaches them compassion and people are out there willing to help. Hopefully, the youth are gonna recognize that in coming here knowing that we’re here to support them.”

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The drop-off locations are 2700 Mianaceotawak Road and N845 Hwy. 47/55, both in Keshena.