APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Mile of Music organizers announced on Tuesday the return of the Mile of Music festival and the first 50 artists that will be involved in the event.

Organizers say the event will be a return to a “full festival vibe” with more than 600 artists performing at the four-day event.

After three years of modifying the event because of the pandemic, including one cancelation in 2020, event organizers say they’re ready to get back to a full-blown festival.

We were so pleased with how Mile 9 went last year from an overall experience standpoint for artists and fans, but we’re really excited to be able to have a full-tilt festival similar to the pre-pandemic scale of Mile 7.”

Dave Willems, Mile of Music experience curator

Along with the full-scale festival, event organizers say Mile 10 will have a number of special features. These features include:

  • Mile of Music Bus
    • Artists play mini sets on board for bus riders
    • Expected to run 50-60 times over the festival’s first three days
    • Mile of Music Bus last appeared at Mile 7 in 2019
  • Busking
    • Playing music in the street
    • Pop-up locations throughout the entire festival area
  • Listening Rooms
    • Seated, theater-style venues
  • Lawerence Universities Music Education Team
    • 25 educators and guest artists
    • Interactive, hands-on music sessions

The first 50 artists hail from 18 different states and 4 different countries. Organizers say that 31 of the first 50 artists will be performing at the event for the first time including the first-ever Australian artist to perform at Mile of Music, Nigel Wearne.

The first 50 artists are just the start of Mile 10 unveilings that organizers say will continue over the next 6-8 weeks. The full list of artists included in the first 50 can be found below.

Welshly Arms (OH)The Heavy Heavy (UK)Steve Poltz (TN)Alisa Amador (MA)Danielle Nicole Band (MO)
Julie Williams (TN)Adeem The Artist (TN)Anthony D’Amato (NY)Brian Dunne (NY)Don DiLego (NY)
Mike Montali (NY)Fantastic Cat (NY)Nigel Wearne (AU)Walden (TN)Mom Rock (TN)
Radio Free Honduras (IL)Kiss The Tiger (MN)SloCoast (CA)Buffalo Rose (PA)Ken Yates (CAN)
May Erlewine (MI)BLKBOK (NV)Sweet Lizzy Project (TN)Certainly So (TN)Abby Holliday (TN)
Sleepy Gaucho (WI)Whitehorse (CAN)HAPPY LANDING (TN)Soultru (IA)Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps (TN)
Caiola (PA)Girl Blue (NY)Making Movies (MO)Ben Mulwana (WI)Remember Jones (NJ)
LowDown Brass Band (IL)Sway Wild (WA)Joy Clark (LA)Rachael Davis (TN)Betsy Ade & The Well-Known Strangers (WI)
Proxima Parada (CA)VOLK (TN)Lemon Sky (OH)The End Of America (PA)Flagship Romance (KY)
The Stews (SC)JD Eicher (OH)Michaela Anne (TN)J.E. Sunde (MN)Mo Lowda & The Humble (PA)
First 50 artists for Mile 10

Organizers say Mile 10 is scheduled from August 3-6 in Downtown Appleton. The festival will mainly be along College Avenue but will stretch from the Lawerence Memorial Chapel to the Emmerr’s and Spats outdoor stages and from The Avenue at Rookie’s to three stages in The Flats.

As a reminder, the Mile of Music Festival is free and for all ages except for some venues that are 21+.

For more information on the event, visit the Mile of Music website.