BONDUEL, Wis. (WFRV) – Non-profit organization “Hogs for Heroes” prides itself on giving back to veterans. Mike Erickson is one of 34 veterans who received the gift of a free Harley-Davidson from the nonprofit.

“Collectively I did just over 20 years, I was in four years was out for nine and a half, and then I went back in through the reserves for another sixteen,” said Erickson. 

“It’s really actually overwhelming, it’s not really something that I think veterans think they deserve, I mean it’s awesome to get, the meaning behind it probably bigger than the bike itself,” stated Erickson. 

The free motorcycle allows veterans to experience wind therapy as they heal from battle scars. Kevin Kuhn has also received a bike from the nonprofit and says he could never repay them.  

“Hogs for Heroes has done so much for us it’s so hard for us to repay them, this is the least that we can do, come and support the next people that we are able to get back on the road and get back to healing,” explained Kuhn.  

President of Hogs for Heroes Kevin Thompson says it is their way of showing respect to those who served.  

“This isn’t trying to find the veterans who have the most medals or the longest service, we look to find injured veterans who have a passion for motorcycling and need to get back out on that road to help themselves with their healing, help their family, help their relationships, and in turn help the community,” explained Thompson. 

Erickson says he plans to use his new bike to visit a special lady in his life.  

“Get out on the road possibly next summer doing a longer trip out to Colorado, my daughter lives in Colorado so I’d like to go out and see her just to get out, get out, and ride,” stated Erickson. 

The nonprofit plans to surprise more veterans with a new Harley in the upcoming weeks.