OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – January 19 is the first day of Oshkosh’s restaurant week. The owner of one of the 33 participating restaurants says the week will satisfy Oshkosh residents’ tastebuds. 

“The things you can get here during restaurant week, like most restaurants, are not things you can always get here or will be able to get again so it’s a special thing, the food’s special, the vibe is special, it’s just fun,” said Kris Larson, Owner of Beckets restaurant.  

Restaurants participating in Oshkosh’s fifth annual restaurant week say this is a week your taste buds and family will not forget. Larson says he and local restaurants will provide items that are not normally on their menus. 

“It’s fun, it’s a chance for chefs to show off, and it’s a chance for Oshkosh, in general, to show what kind of good restaurants we have here because it’s a bunch of them, it is a fun week and we all like to do it,” explained Larson. 

More than 30 Oshkosh restaurants are offering price-fixed menu options for lunch and dinner. Larson, says he is expecting a lot of hungry customers.  

“Reservations everywhere this week, they’re going to be important, they’re always important, but this week especially, make a reservation for the place you want to go, plan ahead, know where you’re going and try new stuff, that’s the whole point.” 

The more than weeklong event shines a light on Oshkosh’s culinary community. Discover Oshkosh says restaurant lovers will drool over the meals and savings. 

“They definitely get to see new menu items that restaurants would not normally have on their everyday menu, so it is a super fun exciting week, there’s something for everybody at these restaurants which is super exciting,” stated Caitlin Macwilliams, the Communications Coordinator of Discover Oshkosh.

January 29 is the last day of restaurant week. Menus for the week can be found here.