PULASKI, Wis. (WFRV) – Pulaski community leaders organized a fundraiser for those suffering from a recent bonfire incident.

The fundraiser included food and auctions that will benefit Pulaski bonfire victims. More than a thousand Pulaski residents gathered to show their support for the victims.  

Michael Jarosinski is no stranger to Pulaski and says the community must stick together during challenging times, “Being a Pulaski resident, born and raised here and knowing the family members that were affected, I had to come out here and support,” said Jarosinski. 

The Pulaski native says he admires the compassion shown amongst Pulaski residents. 

“We all back each other, they’ve helped us when our family needed help in the past and it was only right for us to come out and support them when they needed help too,” added Jarosinski. 

Face painting, live music, and more drew hundreds to the event. Tom Swiecichowski and others prepared the fundraiser. He says after receiving more information about the tragedy, they decided to help in any way that they could.  

“I sent out a post on Facebook, three people responded, we grew to eight and here we are two months later, we are just a small group of people that cared, and we wanted to bring the community together and do something special for those that were affected,” stated Swiecichowski. 

Swiecichowski admits he is not too familiar with the victims, but he has a special message for them, “Hang in there, one day at a time, life is full of challenges. We never know when a life event will happen that will turn us upside down. I think that is why this event is so important, it brings the community together and gives them hope,” Swiecichowski said. 

The nonprofit organization “Pulaski Pace” will distribute donations to those affected.