BYRON, WI (WFRV) – When William “Bill” Krause brings his pet therapy to assisted living centers, mental health facilities, or any place where folks are looking for healing he brings a pack of dogs with him.

He named his non-profit after his first dog Sassu. Since 2009, he’s added dogs and taken in rescues.

Recently, Local 5 News tagged along when they visited the Northland Lodge Assisted Living Facility in Two Rivers.

On that day 16 dogs were on hand to visit with folks.

“The residents look forward to it every month,” explained Executive Director Carrie Anne Wolf. “Just the love that they bring. They don’t choose anything. Ya know, they just love to come to you and the warmth and the cuddles.”

Some of the dogs like to do tricks. It’s a way for people who can’t or don’t want to touch the animals to still be involved in the activity.

Krause knows firsthand the benefit that comes with interaction with an animal.

“I spent 11 months in Winnebago Mental Health for bipolar disorder,” he told Local 5 News. “They had a therapy dog that came in. Every week, I was required to have pet therapy because I had dogs.”

Bill was determined to pay it forward and returned with Sassu to help others at the facility where he once stayed. He has never looked back since.

Over the years, Krause purchased more dogs and took in rescues. His wife also believed strongly in the mission.

Even after her untimely death to a heart attack in 2014, Bill was determined to keep going.

“Love for others. Compassion for others. We don’t have enough of this in this world,” laments Krause. “The dogs never fail. My dogs have never let me down.”

Sassu Enterprises Pet Therapy relies on donations and volunteers.

Krause would like to get a second van rolling. He says the need is that great.

“With the dogs being there, you forget everything about the day with unconditional love.”

For more information on his non-profit, click here