SUAMICO, WIS. (WFRV) – Many are seeking electronic devices as the holiday season approaches, for more than 25 years, Pat Blan has collected devices and restored them for those in need. 

“What we typically do is fix everything up try to get whatever I can updated to today’s standards and then we just give those back out,” stated Blan. 

Blan says on average he restores more than 100 laptops per year. 

“If people donate them and they have a cause in mind I give them back to those people, they will donate them to their cause otherwise I have a number of people waiting on social media, “said Blan. 

Blan says he is thankful to provide a need for so many. 

“Some of the people that I’ve helped through the years they’ll see me out and they’ll remember me and say I remember you gave me a laptop when I was finishing high school and they’re so appreciative, and it’s that appreciation that warm and fuzzy feeling makes me want to do this year after year,” explained Blan. 

Blan expects to give out more than 200 laptops this year, he can be found on Facebook at “Pat Blan” his email is, Blan also uses “The Bar East”, “Replay Sports Bar”, as drop-off locations for the devices.