SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – Wisconsin’s most recent snowstorm allows skiers to do what they love. Cross-country skiers in Suamico say they are planning to enjoy it while they can.  
“This is my first time out for the year, and I just love the great outdoors, you know it’s fun to be outside, I might as well get out the old skis before spring thaw you know,” said skier Steve Pyne. 

Cross-country skier Bob Buss says he has not skied in 3 years, and he plans to take advantage of the most recent snowfall.  

“Well of course the snow and the nice weather, the temperature is perfect for skiing trails are well groomed and yes, we have not done it for that long, so we wanted to say who knows how many more times we are going to get out this year,” said Buss.  

While Buss enjoys the trials with his wife, he pushes for more skiers to join them. 
“Try it and if you like it if you keep going it’s something that my wife and myself it’s a lifetime experience and we enjoy doing it,” stated Buss. 
The trails are expected to remain open, weather permitting.