WISCONSIN (WFRV) – The Exclusive Company, a Wisconsin-based indie record store, will be closing its doors for good in the coming months.

The decision comes after the death of store owner, James “Mr. G” Giombetti. Store officials say with the passing of Giombetti, the store has “lost not only the voice of The Exclusive Company but its very soul.”

Store officials have also said some of the locations will continue under new ownership as locally owned independent record stores and that they are confident any void left behind by the departure of The Exclusive Company will soon be filled by the next generation of music-loving Wisconsin entrepreneurs.

Giombetti opened his first store in 1956 in his hometown of West Bend. Over the years he grew the business into a chain of record stores and made connections with each and every person that walked through his stores.

An announcement is expected through their website for the closing of each store and all stores will go through big sales on the remaining inventory.

Several items including never before seen collections of music, equipment, and accessories will be among the products sold. Their annual event, Record Store Day, will continue this year on Saturday, April 23. Store officials are asking customers to come into the stores and join them one last time and say goodbye to The Exclusive Company.

His stores might be closing down, but “Mr. G’s” legacy will live on forever.

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