APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) — The Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis Club recently announced that two major fundraising events have been postponed until 2021.

“We held on with some of our events as long as we could,” Jay Stephany, Event Planner for the Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis Club said of the decision.

Stephany explained that the club could only hold on for so long before making a call.

“There’s a lot of planning and dollars that go into permits and vendors and making sure you have the logistics all put in place,” he said.

The club’s Butterfly Festival was originally planned for this upcoming weekend in Appleton’s City Park.

Now, it won’t take place until 2021.

“We want to be sure that we have, really our community in mind if we’re going to be holding any of these events,” Stephany said.

With the community in mind, the club’s July event, the Appleton Old Car Show, has also been pushed to 2021.

The event would usually draw upwards of 10,000 people to Appleton’s Pierce Park, according to Stephany.

“We looked at really the Iola Car Show and the EAA as really the bookends before and after our event,” he explained. “Once they decided to cancel, we knew there was no way we would be able to hold our event as well.”

That’s two of the club’s four major annual fundraisers, postponed a full year.

“Our club is lucky because we have a foundation so we can pull out of that,” Stephany said. “That was our rainy day fund, but it’s really making us look differently at how we’re utilizing those dollars to give back to the community.”

Until they and other nonprofits can get back to their usual large fundraisers, Stephany says to look out for the inventive ways organizations are working to raise funds.

“A pancake breakfast may be a curbside pickup breakfast now,” he said. “We’re all looking at different ways that we can try to still generate revenue.”

For anyone disappointed by the cancellations plaguing summer 2020, Stephany said: “We’re going to rock it in 2021 so be ready to come and have some fun.”

The club’s two other major fundraising events are set for later this summer and fall.

Organizers are waiting to make a decision on whether those will be held.