APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – When a few Appleton North High School students noticed many of the kids around them were not vaccinated against COVID-19 they decided to organize a clinic in their school to help people of all ages.

Amanda Vue, a 6-years-old patient said, “I didn’t cry and I was brave and they gave me the shot and I didn’t cry.”

She said the whole thing was easy, “I went on the chair and then they pulled my sleeve and I didn’t cry when they put alcohol on me and then they did it.”

Isabella Leiva, a clinic organizer and Appleton North Student said, “We came up with the idea of having a popup vaccine clinic just we covid times we thought it was relevant and we thought it would be a great idea to have it at North.”

Trish Sarvela, the Co-Founder of Multicultural Coalition, Inc., the Development Director of the Partnership Community Health Center and Isabella’s mother said, “This is a huge collaboration between MCC, which is the Multicultural Coalition and the students of Appleton North and Partnership Community Health Center. This is the first student-led vaccine clinic we have ever hosted.”

The clinic aimed to help people overcome barriers to vaccination. They did not require identification, insurance or an appointment.

“A lot of people don’t have the right information for getting vaccinated so that’s why we created fliers and surveys in Hmong, English and Spanish,” said Leiva. “Just to make sure that we would reach everyone.”

One thing that sets the clinic apart is free items like snow pants, snow boots and diapers.

Jack Cruz, another clinic organizer and Appleton North Student said, “We have empanadas at this one. We have partnership bringing in all sorts of stuff for the kids and it feels more like an event than a vaccination clinic.” 75

This clinic saw about 50 people for their first second or booster dose.