ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) – During the age of the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine services are seeing increased use. More on the benefits of these digital appointments recently introduced at BayCare Clinic.

At BayCare Clinic, the coronavirus pandemic is keeping many of Dr. Brian Klika’s patients at home. But thanks to BayCare’s new telemedicine service, if they need to talk a digital appointment is just a click away.

“Telemedicine is basically a platform that allows us as providers to actually reach out and work with our patients during this COVID-19 crisis,” said Klika.

During this pandemic, BayCare Clinic is only seeing patients in an office setting with urgent or time-sensitive needs. And that is where telemedicine comes in. This orthopedic surgeon says it plays a vital role in care management for so many other patients.

“It has been just a great platform for us to bridge the gap during this time,” Klika said. “We really want to make sure that we’re maintaining good care with our patients.”

Planned for sometime, Dr. Klika says the pandemic put telemedicine on the fast track. Online now for two weeks at BayCare Clinic, it is being used to see many patients.

“Each successive day we’re adding more and more visits. Yesterday I had nearly a three quarter full day of telemedicine visits,” the doctor said.

Those visits are coordinated by BayCare staff who make sure patients are comfortable speaking with a doctor on their smartphone or computer. If they are, the next step is easy.

“We send either a text or email and the patient clicks on the link, and we’re talking as you and I are instantly,” he said.

And Klika believes these virtual visits are here to stay.

“This is a very viable option and I think it’s going to take a firm grip quickly,” Klika said.

Klika says Medicare and most insurance companies cover telemedicine services.