(WFRV) – During a Monday media briefing, Governor Tony Evers outlined the latest “turn of the dial,” allowing businesses like dog groomers, small engine repair shops, upholstery businesses, and others to safely open.

Gov. Evers also discussed the large increase in cases within Brown County,

DHS has surged 2,500 coronavirus tests into Brown County in order to get a grasp on the outbreak within the county. Sec. Palm says the National Guard is also preparing to send testing site teams into the county to help local officials.

Gov. Evers explained that while the case number in Wisconsin continues to rise, the decision to open businesses and services that involve very few people and limit the risk of the spread of the virus was “a safe expansion.”

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Sec. Palm says it is important to not understate the spread of the virus within the households of employees who may be exposed while at work. She adds that that is why DHS is working to increase testing availability to those who may have been exposed.

Chief Medical Officer of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases Dr. Ryan Westergaard says that while there are large case numbers connected to meat facilities like JBS and American Foods Group, the chances of contracting the virus through food is low.

Gov. Evers explains that businesses that are open during this Safer at Home order to continue adhering to safe business practices like social distancing.

Ryan Nilsestuen, Chief Legal Counsel of the Office of the Governor, says that local authorities are responsible for enforcing the Safer at Home order.

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Gov. Evers says officials continue to “analyze” the situation regarding the reopening of the 40 state parks previously closed, but the decision has not been made yet. He adds that while nice weather may encourage people to violate social distancing, he believes Wisconsinites will not violate the Safer at Home order.

The governor emphasized that Wisconsin is heading in the right direction in battling coronavirus, but there are going to be ups and downs before the state is ready to fully reopen.