DE PERE, WISC., (WFRV) – Mayor James Boyd says he still has lingering effects of Covid-19, more than two months after first showing symptoms.

“I still don’t consider myself recovered,” Boyd said Wednesday. “I have not had the quality of life since it started.”

Boyd says it got so bad, he couldn’t even raise his arm to take his own temperature. That happened about ten days into his infection.

He spoke in detail about his recovery during the weekly “Faces of Covid” virtual series that was organized by local medical professionals aimed at getting the community to buy into social distancing and masks.

“One of the symptoms I had I was nauseous,” explained Boyd. “So, I couldn’t eat. So, I really didn’t drink or eat anything for 13, 14, 15 days because it wouldn’t let me. Everything was repulsive. And that didn’t help. I knew I had to consume things but I just couldn’t do it.”

He says nobody he had contact with contracted the virus during those couple days when he didn’t know he was positive.

He credits wearing a mask with not spreading it to others.

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