(WFRV) – The Department of Health Services (DHS) announced that declining cases have allowed for increased staff capacity and a focus on data cleanup is underway.

The DHS says that data that is displayed on the website may change over time, especially dashboards and tables that track cumulative cases or deaths.

An example the DHS gave, about 3,000 confirmed cases were corrected to probable over the past several weeks, and about 800 non-confirmed cases were corrected to confirmed over the same timeframe, leading to a net decrease of 2,200 confirmed cases.

Current and past case data is being interviewd to make sure it is accurage and complete.

Charts showing confirmed cases and deaths by group housing setting are also undergoing quality assurance efforts, according to the DHS.

For more information about the efforts, the DHS is taking to make their data as transparent as possible visit their website.