GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- On Monday, January 10, the Green Bay Area School District held a board meeting, and with it comes new changes to current procedures throughout the District.

The meeting covered a broad array of topics, one of the biggest relating to COVID-19 protocols for students and staff.

During the meeting, a major change coming to the GBAPSD is the isolation period for students and staff who test positive for the virus. Following a unanimous vote, the Board approved that any person who unanimously agreed on changing current isolation policies, specifically the duration of quarantine required of students who test positive for the virus.

With the approved changes, any student or staff who is asymptomatic with a positive test now has a 5 day isolation period. Upon day 6, the individual may return to school and monitor symptoms. Symptomatic people with negative tests do not need to isolate and may return on day 6.

For symptomatic students & staff, they will need to isolate for five days. On the sixth day, if symptoms are resolved, the individual may return to school/work and through days 6 to 10 they must continue to wear a well-fitting mask.

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