GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay Common Council met and voted to extend the face-covering mandate until March 31st.

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich said, “We have an extension of our face-covering requirement on the docket tonight.”

The mayor mentioned his support of an extension of the mask mandate at the start of the meeting.

“We’ve made some important concessions to those who were previously uncomfortable with that requirement hoping that we will be able to come together with a broad majority of council and extend that to at least March 31st tonight,” said Genrich.

The Council first shifted to allow public comment about reopening green bay schools before coming back to regular business, including the face mask ordinance.

“The item that states considering for possible action on General Ordinance 03-21 amending General Ordinance 04-21 relating to required face coverings.”

An amendment from Alder Jesse Brunette to change the date to February 17th rather than March 31st and to direct the Brown County Health Department to give direction to the Brown County Government to create an ordinance for the entire county failed before the original motion passed.