GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One local gym will be the first to open their doors in Green Bay, Wednesday.

Things will operate differently for members who work out at Titletown Fitness.

Owner, Mike Moran says, “As members come in, we’ll ask them some health questions. We’ll take their temperature. If they’re over a certain temperature 100.4 degrees we’re going to ask them to leave. If not we give them all a disinfectant bottle.”

All equipment is placed according to guidelines and has been thoroughly cleaned.

Moran adds, “In the circuit training area, every machine was torn apart, cleaned, disinfected, and then we space them so that they were properly socially distanced. We did that in each and every room. In our free weight area, because there are a lot of different bars. We got rid of a lot of stuff.”

Titletown has even limited the number of members to 20 people and no more than 10 in any one room.

Quarantine has not only impacted its member’s waistline but also the owner’s wallet. To avoid permanent closure, Titletown Fitness had to open.

“If no revenue is coming in, things get tight, so we had to get at the grind as soon as we could,” Moran says. “We have to follow these guidelines to make sure it’s safe and people feel safe about coming here.”

Titletown Fitness has other restrictions in place like closing its showers, lockers, and water fountains. They will not sign up new members for the rest of May.