ALGOMA, Wis. (WFRV) — The President of the Kewaunee Artisan Center says her group’s latest project was sparked when a local nurse asked for help.

“I was contacted by a nurse, an RN Supervisor from Bellin Hospital,” Cheryl Daul told Local 5. “She asked to have masks made.”

Daul set her group of quilters, 70 “ladies” in all, to the task.

“I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a service project,” she said.

The masks Daul is creating are washable, reusable, and 100-percent cotton.

She added that they aren’t N95 masks, so they will not block the virus, but, “If they’re asking for them, there’s a need.”

So far, Daul herself has made 15 masks.

She told Local 5 that she has plenty of fabric to make more, but she has run out of other supplies.

“It’s the elastic and the ties that I’ve run out of,” Daul said.

The Artisan Center is hoping to collect elastic so they can make more masks.

“We’re running short of elastic,” she said. “If anybody has any in their homes, get it to someone who sews and they can get it to the right people.”

She added that she has heard from people all over the Northeast Wisconsin community who are making the masks.

On Friday, March 27th, there will be a non-contact drop-off at The Kewaunee Artisan Center, 401 Harrison Street from 11:00-1:00 pm.

She also has collection locations set up at Appliance Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.

“I’m hoping to collect at least 500,” Daul said. “If we exceed that, that would be wonderful, but I’m hoping that, with 70 ladies and with other ladies in the community that aren’t with the Center, I’m hoping that we can get at least 500, and if we can get the supplies, we can get even more than that.”