APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) At least two drugs have received emergency approval to treat the coronavirus. Both are being tested in Wisconsin.

Thanks to UW Madison’s clinical trials, Regeneron is one of the latest drugs approved to treat the coronavirus.

Regeneron lessens the time and severity of the coronavirus by decreasing the amount of the virus in a person by 90 to 99 percent.

People who’ve been tested and haven’t been infected with the coronavirus could benefit from the vaccine but Regeneron is for people who actually have contracted the coronavirus

Doctors say it takes about 6 hours to administer Regeneron.

Another drug, bamlanivimab, has also received emergency use authorization by the FDA.

It is also being used to treat the coronavirus and is being tested here in Wisconsin and patients can expect a two-and-a-half hours appointment.

Both drugs have shown promise, which outweighs disadvantages for high-risk patients.

Regeneron was used to help the president recover from the coronavirus.

Up to 200,000 doses of Regeneron are expected to be available by the end of this year.

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