GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)- On Thursday afternoon, there was no shortage of opinions on the declaration of a Public Health Emergency order by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, requiring individuals to wear a mask while indoors.

Alexis Clark is a restaurant worker who has some health problems, “I have a lot of asthma and in the heat like this! Yes I think the masks are very effective and very helpful, but it also makes every day living difficult.” She says that the temperature in the kitchen area of the restaurant she works at can exceed 120-degrees quickly. ” Having to wear a mask in those conditions is hard.”

Michael Larcelere works a number of jobs just to get by and says that he believes that the decision to put a mandate in place like this should be in the hands of everyone, not just the Governor. “I think that everyone should have a vote on this. If you can vote for president and other elected officials, you should be able to vote on situations like this. It should be about how we feel as well.” Michael also says that he has medical conditions that make mask wearing difficult.

Not everyone is against the statewide mask mandate. Mackenzie Grabowski is also a restaurant worker, who thinks the mandate is a great idea. ” There is not much that we know about COVID-19. I think it is a really good thing in order to keep everyone safe. I just think that it will cause a lot of problems because some people just do not want to comply as it is. When I ask customers at my job to wear a mask, there is some resistance.” Grabowski says that she does not want to turn away an customers for not wearing a mask, but understands that might be easier said than done.

According to the Governor’s office, the decision to issue the Emergency Order was based on a number of factors, which include “a significant increase in community spread, and increase of COVID-19 cases.” Under the order, Wisconsin residents under the age of five are not required to wear a face mask. Children older than five are required to wear masks “when they are indoors or in an enclosed space with anyone outside their household or living unit.”

One parent, who spoke with Local Five said that he doesn’t understand why the mandate does not include children under five. “The mask mandate is overkill, especially when we are going into public businesses. We have children that are under the age of five and I wonder why they do not have to wear a mask. Don’t we all have the same immune system? If COVID-19 was such a big deal, everyone would be wearing full body suits. I believe that a small mask is not as effective as a full body suit,” said Skyler Schissler. The Healthy Children website states that children under the age of five face a potential choking or strangulation hazards. For more information visit:

The mandatory mask order goes into effect on August 1st through September 28th. For additional information on exemptions click: