MONDAY 4/20/2020 1:30 p.m.

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) – During Monday’s media briefing, Governor Tony Evers discussed the state’s response to the coronavirus, highlighting the new “Badger Bounce Back” plan.

According to Gov. Evers, the “Badger Bounce Back” plan outlines important criteria for Wisconsin to be able to reopen the economy in phases. It also includes steps to make sure workers and businesses are prepared to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. At the direction of Gov. Evers, Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm issued Emergency Order #31, establishing the process and outlining the phases of the plan.

“As we’ve learned over the past month, in the most difficult of circumstances, Wisconsinites will rise to the occasion, helping each other and working together to do what’s best for our families, our neighbors, and our communities,” said Gov. Evers. “That’s what the Badger Bounce Back is all about: our resilience as a people and as a state. I am excited and hopeful about this plan. While being safe at home continues to be important, this plan is an all-out attack on the virus and it begins the process of preparing our businesses and our workforce for the important planning that will result in the safe and logical reopening of our economy.”

Gov. Evers says the Badger Bounce Back plan is informed in part by President Donald Trump’s Guidelines for Opening Up America Again that was issued by the White House on April 16, 2020.

“Currently, Wisconsin does not meet the criteria the White House established to start reopening our state. The Badger Bounce Back plan takes important steps to get the state of Wisconsin there,” Gov. Evers says.

The governor went on to explain that the goal of the Badger Bounce Back plan is to decrease cases and deaths related to the coronavirus to a low level and increase the capacity in the state’s healthcare system so phased reopening of businesses is possible.

Gov. Evers says the state is setting a goal to increase testing to 85,000 tests per week, averaging about 12,000 tests per day. More information on increasing Wisconsin’s testing capacity can be found here. Wisconsin will also be expanding contact tracing and more aggressively tracking the spread of coronavirus with the goal of every Wisconsinites who tests positive being interviewed within 24 hours of receiving their test results and their contacts being interviewed within 48 hours of test results.

Gov. Evers says the state will continue to pursue every avenue to grow Wisconsin’s supply of person protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare and public safety entities to conduct coronavirus testing, patient care, and public safety work.

“Finally, the plan works to bolster healthcare system capacity where patients can be treated without crisis care and there are more robust testing programs in place for at-risk healthcare workers,” Gov. Evers adds.

Here’s a look at the phases outlined in the Badger Bounce Plan:

  • Phase One will include allowing mass gatherings of up to 10 people; restaurants opening with social distancing requirements; removal of certain restrictions including retail restrictions for Essential Businesses and Operations; additional operations for non-essential businesses; K-12 schools to resume inperson operation; and child care settings resuming full operation.
  • Phase Two will include allowing mass gatherings of up to 50 people; restaurants resuming full operation; bars reopening with social distancing requirements; non-essential businesses resuming operations with social distancing requirements; and postsecondary education institutions may resume operation.
  • Phase Three will resume all business activity and gatherings, with minimal protective and preventative measures in place for the general public and more protective measures for vulnerable populations.

He went on to say that the state will be looking for a downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses and coronavirus symptoms reported within a 14-day period, and a downward trajectory of positive tests as a percent of total tests within a 14-day period. When the state has seen these efforts be successful, Gov. Evers says Wisconsin can begin to turn the dial, re-open the state, and get businesses and workers back on their feet.

Here’s the full Badger Bounce Back plan:

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Coronavirus briefing with Gov. Evers, other state officials

MONDAY 4/20/2020

(WFRV) – Governor Tony Evers will participate in a media briefing Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

WFRV Local 5 will carry the full briefing above.

Gov. Evers is scheduled to be joined by Secretary-designee Andrea Palm of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services; Secretary Missy Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; Dr. Ryan Westergaard, Chief Medical Officer of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases; and Ryan Nilsestuen, Chief Legal Counsel, Office of the Governor.