STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — When asked about what’s new and exciting for FLS Banners, Owner Cain Goettelman has a sure answer: Selfie Face Masks.

The custom-made masks allow customers to upload a “Selfie” to the company’s website to create a personalized mask.

They’re donating a mask to a doctor or nurse for every “Selfie Mask” sold.

The personalized PPE isn’t all that’s new for FLS Banners since Local 5 last checked in with them in April: the banner company has created a new business centered around making masks.

“This is a great extension of who we are, but we wanted the masks to be different from our trade show advertising and banners and displays,” Goettelman explained.

The Milwaukee Mask Company is less than a month old, but the new name comes from FLS Banners’ past.

“The company was founded in 1972 as the Milwaukee Mask Company,” Goettelman told Local 5.

That version of The Milwaukee Mask Company made medical equipment before becoming FLS Banners.

“Being able to go back into our heritage and pull the name back out and make it relevant again was a lot of fun,” Goettelman said.

The new company is built on the belief that face masks are going to become a part of our new normal.

“We believe that face masks are going to be here to stay for a while and it’s really important that they become an extension of our person,” Goettelman said.

They’re hoping the fun designs help eliminate the stigma of wearing a mask.

“There’s more than 130 designs currently available and we’re adding more every week,” Goettelman said.

FLS Banners is also contributing to the “new normal:” they’re making signs and banners for area businesses.

“As businesses start to open, we now have a product that is designed to help people understand what are the requirements when you come into the business,” Goettelman said.

He told Local 5 that things have changed a lot for the company since they started making masks.

“Our initial initiative in making masks was helping the Door County community,” he said. “There was a shortage of them.”

Now, Gottelman is hoping to help our area and beyond settle into a new reality.

“We believe The Milwaukee Mask Company has a long way to grow,” he said.