HOWARD, Wis.(WFRV)-Eleven Churches have joined “Feed My Starving Children” in preparing meals for children in need across the globe. “It’s so great to be back after we had to cancel last year’s in-person event due to COVID,” said Vanessa Moran, of Feed My Starving Children.

Beginning October 4th, through October 7th thirty-eight hundred volunteers will work as a human assembly line putting the meal packs together. “Vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice, “said Shelby Baker, Volunteer Program Supervisor. The reason they are providing those items is because Nutritionists have weighed in on what is best for children. “They have found that this is what Kiddos need, and they can have it all over the World,” said Baker.

Josie Urcavich, is 10-years-old and volunteering with her family. “It’s fun because I feel like I’m actually helping by doing something,” said Urcavich. Children as young as five are allowed to participate, under supervision.

“It’s so good, last year with the virtual, we raised money to feed the kids and that is what it’s all about. Bringing the Community back in the doors, that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae,” said Janette Adamski, of Green Bay Community Church.

As always, there is a goal set for donations. “We need to be able to purchase the raw food ingredients that are then packed. We’re looking to raise $240,000 this year and we’re only at about $90,000,” said Moran. If you would like more information on how to donate, click here. They are also looking for more volunteers, but you do have to register first. For current volunteer information click here. COVID-19 safety protocols are currently in place at Green Bay Community Church.