(WFRV) – While the omicron wave seems to be receding, scientists are investigating a new subvariant that is highly contagious and they are calling it the stealth omicron.

Interim Medical Director of Infection Prevention at UW Health, Dr. Dan Shirley, says that this new subvariant is related to omicron but it has some differences, like how it mutates. “In this case, they noticed that this subvariant was increasing and proportioned compared to the original variant of omicron.”

But should we be worried? Dr. Shirley says they need a lot more data to decide whether it should be something to be worried about, “I think we just watch and see.”

Health officials are calling this subvariant the ‘stealth omicron’, but vaccinations and booster coverage plays a huge part in if the stealth omicron variant will have a wide range impact in the United States, says Dr. Shirley.

There are no ‘stealth omicron’ cases in Wisconsin.