GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)- The cold and flu season is here and with symptoms of runny nose, sore throat and a headache that are commonly associated, should you test for COVID-19 if you are experiencing any or all?

“We’re going to have a lot of respiratory illnesses out, obviously COVID-19, RSV, influenza and other Coronaviruses in the environment right now,” said Dr. Ashok Rai, CEO of Prevea Health. Dr. Rai says testing is one key to curbing the virus. “If you do have those respiratory symptoms, you should be tested.”

Dr. Rai says if you have for example allergies, you would not have a fever along with it. Also if you are taking medications to combat your symptoms, that also could be an indicator that you could have COVID. “If your normal allergy treatment isn’t working, it’s something to be concerned about,” said Dr. Rai.

It is also still recommended that if you are feeling ill, you should isolate. “Every variant has been a little different. When we look at Omicron, you’re likely contagious one to two days before you test positive or before you have symptoms,” said Dr. Rai. He also says you’re likely contagious two or three days after your symptoms and maybe even longer. “That’s why isolation is now recommended between at 5 days versus 10,” said Dr. Rai.

Medical professionals continue to say the best defense against COVID-19 is getting vaccinated and boosted. They say you could still contract the virus, but your symptoms could be less severe. As always, you should seek the advice or your personal care physician about what is best for you.