(WFRV) – Wisconsin is just one of four states in the nation that has no mask requirements, according to a recent report.

According to masks4all.co, Montana, South Dakota, and South Carolina are the only other states that have no known mask requirements. Fifteen states have masks required statewide, at least in businesses. The rest have some sort of mask requirements.

States neighboring Wisconsin, like Michigan and Illinois, do have statewide mask requirements.

In Michigan, individuals are required to wear masks in public where social distancing isn’t possible. According to Michigan officials, there are over 66,000 positive cases of COVID-19 within the state – over three times as many as Wisconsin.

South of the border, Illinois is also requiring individuals are required to wear masks in public when social distancing isn’t possible. The Illinois Department of Public Health there are over 134,000 confirmed cases within the state – over five times as many as Wisconsin.

Minnesota is requiring the use of face coverings for anyone over the age of two inside retail stores, hotels, government buildings, schools, and recreational facilities. Portions of Iowa are requiring employees to wear masks, according to masks4all.

Most New England states – except for Vermont and New Hampshire – are requiring masks statewide. States south and west of the Midwest have only some mask requirements – California and New Mexico are requiring the statewide use of masks. Hawaii is also requiring masks.

According to the CDC, the top five states with the most cases are:

  • New York: Over 350,000 cases
  • New Jersey: Over 170,000 cases
  • California: Over 150,000 cases
  • Illinois: Over 130,000 cases
  • Massachusetts: Over 105,000 cases

All five require the use of masks statewide.

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The Center for Disease Control – along with Wisconsin officials – continue to encourage the use of face coverings in public, especially when social distancing is not possible.