FISH CREEK, Wis. (WFRV) – Northern Sky Theater add another world premiere to its array of original musicals as part of its 2023 summer and fall seasons. Info:

According to a press release: Five musicals and a concert series will be presented on the company’s outdoor amphitheater stage in Peninsula State Park and its indoor Gould Theater in Fish Creek.

The summer shows in the park amphitheater will run in repertory six nights a week, including a two-performance night on Mondays.

An overview:

+ Premiering/amphitheater: “The Fish Whisperer” by Scott Guy, Robin Share, Dan Wessels and Ron Barnett – June 14-Aug. 25.

The musical comedy looks at what happens in a small Wisconsin town when the fish aren’t biting and a stranger shows up promising a fix.

When the fish stop biting in Shewauga, a mysterious outsider named Hannah Hill offers to get them biting again – but only if the residents pay her $10,000. To the locals, this all sounds a bit fishy. Is she a con artist or a genuine talent?

“The Fish Whisperer” also is part of World Premiere Wisconsin, a statewide new works festival taking place from March 1 to June 30. The festival is made up of new plays and musicals to raise awareness nationwide that Wisconsin has a thriving and diverse theater system. Northern Sky Theater will host the festival’s finale party in June during the run of “The Fish Whisperer.”

+ Amphitheater: “Cheeseheads! The Musical” by Paul Libman and Dave Hudson – June 15-Aug. 26.

The show is inspired by the true story of how 100 Wisconsin cheese factory workers won more than $200 million in the lottery.

Premiered in 2009. “Cheeseheads! The Musical” last played at Northern Sky Theater in 2012.

+ Indoor: “Guys on Ice” by Fred Alley and James Kaplan – July 5-Sept. 1.

The company’s famous show returns.

Ice fishing buddies Marvin and Lloyd spending a winter’s day in their shanty talking about life, love and Leinie’s.

“Guys on Ice” has been one of Northern Sky Theater’s most popular shows since its premiere in 1998, playing not just on its stage but also in multiple productions elsewhere and for a Wisconsin PBS-TV special.

The show has been on the Northern Sky Theater stage five times, but not since 2014.

+ Indoor: “Guys and Does” by Frederick Heide, Lee Becker and Paul Libman – July 15-Sept. 2.

Dancing deer! This is a whimsical musical excursion into the world of Wisconsin deer hunting. Fritz and Duane travel Up Nort’ to get away from it all, with a little male bonding and a surprising encounter.

The show premiered in 2009. It also has been a touring production for the company and has played at Northern Sky Theater four times, most recently in 2016.

+ Amphitheater concert: “Lipstick Optional” – first three weekends in September.

Featured in songs from the company’s shows are the women of Northern Sky Theater.

+ Indoor: “When Pigs Fly” by Frederick Heide and Lee Becker – Sept. 15-Oct. 21.

The show weaves together tall tales, folk songs and the question of who will win a Door County custard pie contest.

Says Jeff Herbst, artistic director, “With another world premiere this coming summer, we will be at 80 original shows. Everything at Northern Sky, since the company began in 1990, has been developed entirely by us with our Door County audience in mind.”

Northern Sky Theater is a nonprofit professional organization that produces original musical shows in repertory.

Tickets go on sale in March.