GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Youth had its say Tuesday night at the Weidner Center – and so, certainly, did age.

Kent Paulsen of the Dudley Birder Chorale put together a kind of “hits” concert for an entourage of performers nearly 250 strong.

It can’t be said the effort filled the house, but the sound surely did.

The first notes bolted from the stage, making sure everybody’s attention was grabbed.

And on the impressiveness went: There are some serious music-makers in the region, and they make beautiful music – large scale in this case.

Youth played a large role in this concert in two ways.

One. Four high school choirs joined the aural action, which was of the high-test octane sector of classical music. One singer in my line of view was especially animated and expressive in her singing… as if transported… and enjoying every second. Wow.

Two. In recognition of earning competition honors, Isabella Cerdan of Xavier High School and Dalena Pakalske of Southern Door sang, and the orchestra was part of their lustrous solos of differing emotions.

Isabella Cerdan’s song was of love broken as Gretchen at a spinning-wheel sings, in German, “My peace is gone. My heart is heavy. I shall never. Ever find peace again. When he’s not with me. Life’s like the grave.”

Dalena Pakalske’s song, sung in Italian, was of love emerging: “Oh, delightful mouth, at last you have uttered That gentle and precious yes, Upon which all my pleasure is founded.”

The emotions could be read in the singers’ voices and body language. Each received large, excited responses from the audience – quite the thrill for the two in a thrilling place.

The concert as a whole expressed dedication to music by a whole lot of people. One of the fascinating things about music is it brings together individual lives of different minds and experiences and channels them into a single purpose that produces rainbows of colors.

Tuesday, that included sounds of grace, magnificent honor of leadership, joy of faith and a whoop-dee-do about drinking.

The fine, fine orchestra lay the groundwork for a structure of a monumental kind.

The capstone was Mozart’s “Requiem.” A work the size of a house that has been performed for 231 years qualifies as a masterpiece. That it is seldom performed in this area because of its required scale added to Tuesday’s aura.

The concert was performed in a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay facility, but it was a definite product of St. Norbert College, especially notably in “Requiem.” From the music department: Kent Paulsen on the conductor’s podium, soprano Yi-Lan Niu, alto Linda Feldmann and bass Michael Rosewall, with tenor Benjamin Olejniczak a St. Norbert graduate. Throughout the performers on stage were students of and graduates of St. Norbert, which has had music on its mind since 1898.

So, “Requiem” expresses a passing of a life and a passage that’s humbling and wrenching and wondrous it its release, and it was performed with grandeur. For many, the concert and that work will hold a special place in time.



Kent Paulsen, conductor

Part I

+ From “Carmina Burana” – Carl Orff

   “O Fortuna”

   “Fortune plango vulnera”

+ “There Shall Be a Star from Jacob come forth” from “Christus” – Felix Mendelssohn

+ “Pur dicesti, o bocca bella” – Antonio Lotti

     Bush Vocal Award Winner: Dalana Pakalske, Southern Door High School, Brussels

+ “Gretchen am Spinnrade” – Franz Schubert

     Bush Vocal Award Winner: Isabella Cerdan, St. Francis Xavier High School, Appleton

+ “Zadok The Priest, HWV 238” – George Frideric Handel

+ “Hallelujah” from “Christ on the Mount of Olives” – Ludwig van Beethoven

Part II

+ “Requiem in D minor, K. 626” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart







   Agnus Dei


     Dudley Birder Chorale

     Yi-Lan Niu, soprano; Linda Feldmann, alto; Benjamin Olejniczak, tenor; Michael Rosewall, bass

     De Pere High School Choir: director, Anne Marie Cummings

     Little Chute High School Choir: director, Tim Van Eperen

     Sturgeon Bay High School Choir: director, Benjamin Olejniczak

     St. Francis Xavier High School Choir, Appleton: director, Anna Van Eperen



Dudley Birder Chorale of St. Norbert College

Kay Adams, Ritalyn Krueger Arps, Yulia Barstow, Barbara Basche, Lyle Becker, Jenna Benjamin, Brenda Brayko, Brent Brayko, Elizabeth Brefka, Brian Brooks, Doug Brown, Nikita Denae Graham, Amy Ashwood Cecchinato, Joseph M. Chojnacki, Warren Clark, Jenna Cornell, Angie Danowski, Judith Dauska, Patricia H. Dennison, William Dichraff, Myrna Dickinson, Cassidy Heim Dittmer, Douglas Durkee, Susan Elliott, Warren Elliott, Janice Evers, Mark Feldmann, Jerilyn J. Fletcher, Brenda Forslund, William Frailing, George Freeman, Julie Fink Fronsee, Jeni Funk, Annette J. Gajeski, Tricia Garrison, Cathy Geimer, Bruce Glassco, Linda Grzeca, Charles Hagen, Marissa Helchen, Sergio Heredia, Aaron Hitz, Charlotte Hoffman, Christopher Hyska, Sara Hyska, Marilee John, Nathan Jaschob, April Strom-Johnson, Eleanore Juza, Kathy Krouse, John Krueger, Leah Larsen, John W. Lemke, Pamala MacMullen, Arlene Marker, James Marker, Becky Merchak, Beth Montejano, Elizabeth Murphy, Robert Murphy, Mary Nickel, Casey Niesen, Tim Olejniczak, Anastasia Olp, David L. Orchard, Gail C. Orchard, Susan Parker, Judy Patefield, Emily Terrell Paulsen, Carolyn G. Petersen, Janet Peterson, Haley Pritzl, Lauren Pritzl, Michele Pufahl, Jeff Rafn, Regina Reale, Robert Richter, Emily Rosenfeldt, Lyn Rotter, Birgit Ruotsala, Jim Ruotsala, Jim Sanders, Karin Sanders, Bill Sands, Linda Sanner, Megan Sarver, Haley Schmidt, Teresa L. Schmidt, Heidi A. Schmitz, Madeline Schneider, Teresa Schoffelman, Tom Schumacher, Lee Anne Scovell, Grace Sehring, Nick Selinsky, Laurie Sewall, Paul Seymour, Julie Sipiorski, Clark Steinhardt, Alex Stensaas, Hannah Stewart, Richard J. Suslick, Stacey Swaer, Angelina K. Terrien, Erik Torkelson, Robert Tuszynski, Ted Van Egeren, Angela Vandermause, Judy Ward, Andrea Waschbisch, Kay Waugh, Jon Weiss, Cailey Wheeler, Christine Wilke, Karen Wochos, Mary Young, Sandy Zochert, Jan Zvara, Amy Zynda


Violin 1: Yuliya Smead (concertmaster), Jennifer Coopman, Luis Fernandez, Justyna Resch

Violin 2: Melissa Gurholt, Audrey Nowak, Jill Sousek, Shoua Xiong

Viola: Barbara Beechey, Jane Bradshaw Finch, Steve Schani

Cello: Michael Dewhirst, Nancy Kaphaem, Wendy Scattergood

Clarinet: Eric Hansen, Nick Waroff

Bassoon: Carl Rath, Stuart Young

Trumpet: Adam Gaines, Dan Marbes

Horn/trumpet: Philip Klickman

Trombone: Kyle Siegrist, Andrew Zipperer

Bass trombone: Eric High

Timpani: Michael Ross

Piano: Elaine Moss

High School Choirs

St. Francis Xavier: Anna Van Eperen, director. Soprano: Anna Auth, Isabella Cerdan, Kaleya Fye, Mary Kendall, Victoria Lopez, Lexie Miron, Olivia Stager, Taylor Wanke. Alto: Ella Bauman, Sophia Bauman, Isabelle Bestul, Nandi Dube, Ahnya Dvorak, Mary Ebben, Izzy Fitzgerald, Lilie Fouts, Lizzie Heimerl, Lola Hunt, Anna Leicht, Lily Leicht, Angie Munguia, Megan Schmidt, Meredith Schultz, Nina Smiley, Annie Strick, Grace Van De Kreeke, Kate Van Schyndel, Ava Verhagen, Rae Willison. Tenor: Caleb Ryno, Josh Thone. Bass: Ryan Bekkers, Josh Horak, Carter McGlone, Sean Salm, Mark Steinlage

Sturgeon Bay: Benjamin Olejniczak, director. Soprano: Tiviana Andropolis, Kayley Bell, Kalei Klaubauf, Lillian Klug, Savannaah Turrittin, Hannah (Nova) Benson, Aelita Haney, Ariana Hilsabeck, Noelia Sanchez Rodriguez. Alto: Madison Carstens, Julia Hartwig, Keanna McAfee, Grace Rockwell, Cheyenne Umberham, Katana Burgess, Trevina Chanda, Scout Feldman, David Gulseth, Kaiden LeMieux, Tia LeMieux, Shambo Wienke. Tenor: Hayden Ahlswede, Bjorn Lakken. Bass: John Delorit, Jason Li, Roman Tremper

Little Chute: Tim Van Eperen, director. Soprano: Lily Harke, Emma Atkins, Mia Barrett, Sofie Hammen, Karli Huss, Charli Meixl, Alivah Rollins. Alto: Paige Danen, Nadia Dorsey, Krista Kucharski, Izzie Lamia, Wren Xiong. Tenor: Will Bakken, Zach Curran, Enrique Muniz, Connor Odle, Ryan Odle. Bass: Ian Dorheim, Mason Genke, Griffin Vanden Heuvel, Jon Vissers, Branden Wilber

De Pere: Anne Marie Cummings, director. Soprano: Izzy Cherny, Natalie Dittmer, Olivia Fletcher, Reni Kraft, Lucy Kurowski, Emily Landrum, Rowan McManus, Savannah Mills, Lea Rosner, Kaylan Snell, Lauren Stadtmueller, Lauryn Svetlovics, Ella Vandenberg, Ahna Voelz. Alto: Ariana Barrett, Kennedy Baumgart, Natalie Brunner, Ava Coppo, Katie Cummings, Cienna Delos Santos, Arieana Fiederer, Emma Hujet, Aria Kiedinger, Clarissa LaPlante, Maya McManus, Ellie Mills, Mya Vissers. Tenor: Jake Barbeau, Rosie Chynoweth, Jace Jaglo, Kegan McDonough, Parker Willmott. Bass: Cooper Buchholz, Liam Marshall, Owen McDonough, Xavi Nohara, Kamryn Swatter


NEXT (for chorale): “Voices of Spring,” 7:30 p.m. May 6, 2 p.m. May 7, Walter Theatre, St. Norbert College.

THE VENUE: Cofrin Family Hall is one of three performance spaces within the Edward W. Weidner Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. At its maximum capacity setup, the hall seats 2,021 over its three levels of maple-and-burgundy seats. Opened Jan. 15, 1993, the hall was built to adapt to the needs of orchestra concerts, operas, musicals, plays and organ, band and choral concerts. For acoustical properties, wood is emphasized on the seats, mezzanine and balcony surfaces and walls near the stage. Many surfaces are curved to help shape the sound. Wood is featured for an aesthetic reason, too – a “from here” aura of woodsy Northeastern Wisconsin.

THE PEOPLE: The name Cofrin relates in great degree to A.E. Cofrin, founder of Fort Howard Paper Co., and his son, Dr. David A. Cofrin, who was instrumental in building the Weidner Center through multi-million-dollar donations. A friendship developed between David A. Cofrin (1921-2009) and Edward W. Weidner (1921-2007), the beloved founding chancellor of UWGB. Weidner spoke slowly and carried a big idea. Weidner arrived when there were no buildings on the present-day campus on rolling hills near the shore of Green Bay. His interests ranged from academia to birding to sports. He loved building projects. It was in his blood. He guided the building of the Weidner Center, so named from early on in construction. Weidner admitted his eyes welled once when driving to a performance and seeing a green sign along the highway: WEIDNER CENTER.