GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Our area includes many performance people with large imaginations.

They are on display consistently, so that it’s never the same old same old on the theatrical scene.

Sometimes what happens in Northeastern Wisconsin is international.

That is the case with the online series, “Inspecting Shakespeare,” by Play-by-Play Theatre.

Based in Green Bay, weekly episodes connect experts and actors in America and the United Kingdom.

Famous monologues by William Shakespeare are explored in detail and then enacted.

Every Thursday at noon – for a second season – Green Bay is a hotbed for brushing up on your Shakespeare.

One point of entry is here:

Another venture finds renegade thinking on the loose with the performance space being a pub in rural Tisch Mills.

Six performances of the fierce and funny play “Yankee Tavern” by Steven Dietz will be spread over three months starting Sunday, May 8.

Twelve years ago, the idea was the brainchild of Ron Kaminski, a theater whiz who by day was an attorney.

When the play was performed in The Forst Inn barroom back then, actor Phil Kinzel assessed the situation like this:

“The closer you are, the more you see. It is all amplified in a small venue; there is no physical separation. The wall between fiction and audience is paper thin; characters are more believable. You’ve got them in your living room.”

The schedule may be found at

The wall between local history and audience also will vanish in four productions by the Hysterical (Historical) Players of Green Bay.

History will include legend in tales of adventuresome Ebenezer Childs, Packers star Johnny Blood, crime star Al Capone and military star Jacob Brown.

In the shows, performers of Let Me Be Frank Productions of Green Bay will add to their showbiz identity.

Performances will not be the same old same old in the Old Moravian Church of Heritage Hill State Historical Park in Allouez.

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