GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A very unusual play has a very unusual story to tell.

That goes along with its very unusual title, “She Kills Monsters.”

All kinds of creatures get killed in this mind-bender comedy and drama, but that’s not today’s story.

It’s the fact that “She Kills Monsters” has been produced four times in four places in our region with entirely different casts, costuming, sets – the whole shebang.

The first area performances were in 2017 when St. Norbert College Theatre Studies unleased the twist on “Dungeons and Dragons.”

And then this April, a run started at three places beginning with Sheboygan Theatre Company Studio Players performing in a restaurant, Paradigm Coffee and Music.

Next was a crossroads inn in Kewaunee County in a small-stage version by The Forst Inn Arts Collective.

And running through today, Sunday, May 8, is a University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Theatre production on a wide stage.

Each production has been entirely different than others, except for the super-complex story.

It’s about two sisters – one alive and one dead – who battle foes together in a game world one has made up.

Two of the troupes added performances because word-of-mouth from thrilled audiences created demand.

Costuming has been like Halloween on the loose in all the shows.

Imagination has been on the loose in all, too, from splashy screen projections in some to individual takes on a gelatinous being in all.

Seeing the four productions wasn’t like going to a movie over and over. This was the same title, the same script done with a lot of variety in staging and ideas. The differences were fascinating.

One important interpretation was what to do with a key kiss. Only one troupe didn’t fudge.

UW-Oshkosh Theatre adds dramaturgy – in depth explanations of various elements – in displays in theater hallways.

In each production, the actor portraying the living sister delivered a big scene filled with meaning when facing her internal monster.

The play is weird, but it is a theater adventure all its own.

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