TISCH MILLS, Wis. (WFRV) – Many of our neighbors like to get on stage and act.

Northeastern Wisconsin is filled with people who are quite skilled at it.

One proof of that happens to be in the current run of a play titled “Proof.”

When attending theater, it is fascinating to witness how the human mind works.

In the case of “Proof,” theatergoers see people who do other things for their livelihood become someone else.

The actors absorb volumes of words that express vistas of emotions.

The pay they receive is experience.

In “Proof,” the players explore mathematics and sanity and love.

Not long ago, Elizabeth Szyman, Thomas Moore, Carrie Todd Counihan and Dan Sallinen were doing other heavy lifting in the classic “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Same people, same stage, different story and another case of excellent acting.

This is by amateurs, and many more amateur actors are all over the place in Northeastern Wisconsin.

The region has grown and grown in what local theater can and does do.

Stage work, costuming and technical skills have all blossomed.

And the Internet has made it easy to buy a ticket.

“Proof” expands the mind as it explores the story of a young woman of brilliance with a barb-wire personality who finds a soul mate. (My review).

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play continues for four more performances to May 29 in Tisch Mills at the Forst Inn, which is an experience in itself.