Warren Gerds/Critic at Large: Extra! Here’s to memory, which serves many area actors so well

Critic At Large

The flip side of Alzheimer's

Company for Green Bay Community Theater’s 2019 production of “Farce of Habit.” (Mark A. Jackson)


Some people are happy just to remember their password or where they left their cell phone.

Meanwhile, many people all around us have a memory for much more.

I see these people all the time acting on stage in Northeastern Wisconsin theaters.

In this day when Alzheimer’s Disease and memory loss are high on minds, I see marvelous displays of memory all the time.

These feats are often accomplished by everyday folks.

Hundreds of people all around have the ability to remember the lines in a play script and then become a character.

They join other people who have the ability, and all of a sudden you have a story that can take you anywhere.

Step back and look at all the plays that are presented in Northeastern Wisconsin – from school level up to our professionals – and thousands of memories shine on stage.

Many plays are two hours long and have players on stage the entire time remembering everything necessary to be another person.

Many of these people have day jobs, and every single one of them has a day life.

And then they fire up their memory and put it on display.

Our area has 57 theater troupes – and counting – so there are a whole lot of people out there with sharp memories.

Audiences often marvel at the memory of people on stage.

Coming out of theaters, I hear, “How can they remember all those lines?”

It is practice, practice, practice.

It is fascinating to witness what is memory to regular folks in our area – so many, many regular folks.

What they have going for them is the flip side of the dreaded Alzheimer’s.

I continually admire what so many accomplish.

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