GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A familiar name on Northeastern Wisconsin’s performance scene is running an eye-catching show.

Let Me Be Frank Productions’ “The Manitowoc Munsters” is filled with flashy make-up.

There is even more color behind what’s happening as the show makes its way to three stages.

Not many troupes anyplace have come up with more than 120 comedies with music.

For Let Me Be Frank Productions, the made-up stories are a way to unleash its singing corps in songs on a theme.

The multiple singers and their band are super-experienced by now.

In “The Manitowoc Munsters” story, TV’s famous ghoul-ly Munsters live in Manitowoc, which happens to be where the show will play – for real – this Wednesday, Sept. 28, in Capitol Civic Centre.

A greedy relative from Transylvania who arrives in Manitowoc to rob the family is played by Michelle Oren, who is new to the troupe but a star on stage with other local troupes, plus has been a director.

Also arriving is a comical traveling salesman played by Paul Evansen, who used to anchor WFRV-TV’s Sunday morning news among other roles with the news team. Now his niche is singing songs with a voice like Neil Diamond.

Troupe namesake Frank Hermans in “The Manitowoc Munsters” is the patched-together man of the house, made up and costumed very Munster-ly.

Pat Hibbard, co-creator with Frank Hermans, portrays Grandpa Munster, a vampire who would love to suck your blood.

This vampire tells jokes and plays bass guitar, too.

And then there is Amy Riemer, who created the show’s make-up and has a haunting look as the matriarch, Lily Munster.

In voice and look, Amy Riemer puts everything together when singing the sensational “I Put a Spell on You.”

Let Me Be Frank Productions is also on the road today, Sunday, Sept. 25, for a performance in Wautoma.

Ahead, “The Manitowoc Munsters” (my review) will wrap up with seven more performances to Oct. 8 at Green Bay’s Meyer Theatre.