STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One of the notable professional theaters in Northeastern Wisconsin is back in action.

Its time during the COVID-19 pandemic was as wild as its current play on stage.

Third Avenue Playhouse was totally revamped and became Third Avenue PlayWorks with new artistic leadership.

The place downtown is much more spiffy.

For the first season of the first full season back, the cast and its creative company are small.

But the play packs punch.

Playwright Wendy MacLeod’s “Slow Food” is a dead-on tease of a night out at a restaurant gone bad, really bad.

The Greek cuisine is great, but the service is called “a hostage situation.”

It’s a waiter knowing oh so much more than the customer.

And then what happens becomes stories of each character layered into comic mayhem.

“Slow Food” is a nutty play with theatricality delivered by well-honed actors.

Colorful nuances full the performances of Claire Morkin and Alan Kopischke as the dining couple and Doug Mancheski as the fussbudget waiter.

One scene teams Alan Kopischke, who has been directing at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and Doug Mancheski, who in summer is a mainstay at Northern Sky Theatre in Door County and is famed for “Guys on Ice.”

Performances of “Slow Food” (my review) continue in the renovated Third Avenue PlayWorks to June 5.