GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay City Council has passed a vote for expanding early voting hours.

An overwhelming majority of people speaking before the City Council on Tuesday night showed their support for transferring more than $15,000 from the contingency fund to the election budget. They say it ensures an opportunity for the elderly, disabled, or people who work odd hours to vote.

“This is one that I think if we all work together we are going to come up with a win right before the 4th of July and that while our federal government is at a gridlock. And I think here, regardless of what political view we have, we have the opportunity to send a message straight up there that we are considering all people to do the one thing that is in our constitution, and that is to vote,” said Stephanie Guzman of Green Bay.

However, some were not on board with the idea.

“Voting is a right but it’s not the government’s responsibility to accommodate every voter or situation. Responsible citizens will vote within the designated hours without having to add days on the taxpayer’s dime,” said Kimberly Rollins of Green Bay.

The city has expanded early voting hours for the August primary, and polls for early voting will close the Thursday before the election.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters commented on the vote saying, “For years, Wisconsin Conservation Voters has been working hand in hand with activists, community members, and voters to expand early voting in the City of Green Bay. Today we celebrate this decision to protect our freedom to vote by expanding early voting access and continuing to ensure all Green Bay residents have equal access to cast their vote.”

You can find additional voting information on the City of Green Bay’s website.