GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – After two candidates for the Green Bay Alderperson District 6 had 73 votes, the tie was broken by both picking an envelope.

Green Bay City Officials say that the tie was broken by having both Andrew Gerlach and Aron Obrecht draw lots. The winner was decided by whoever got the envelope with the word ‘winner’ in it.

Obrecht was the one who picked the winning envelope.

The tie was for second place in the Spring Primary Election for Green Bay Alderperson District 6. The votes for this race broke down as the following:

  • Steven Campbell – 164 votes
  • Andrew Gerlach – 73 votes
  • Aron Obrecht – 73 votes
  • Paul Boucher – 18 votes

With Obrecht picking the winning envelope he goes on to face Campbell in the Spring General Election on April 5.