(WFRV) – The economy was overwhelmingly the most important issue to Wisconsin voters, according to a new WFRV-TV/Emerson College Polling/The Hill poll released on Wednesday.

This poll was done between October 27 and 29 and has a three percent margin of error. Below are the results of what is most important to Wisconsin voters:

  • Most important issue for Wisconsin voters
    • The economy – 42%
    • Threats to democracy – 16%
    • Abortion access – 13%
    • Healthcare – 10%
    • Crime – 9%

The poll also showed that 51% of voters align more with the Republican party on the issue of police funding. Compared to the 37% that align with the Democratic party. 13% aligned with neither party.

Findings from the poll also revealed information on where voters stand in the Governor and Senate races.