GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Democratic Representative Amanda Stuck is facing off against incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher for the 8th Congressional District seat.

Stuck currently serves in the Wisconsin State Assembly representing the 57th District, which covers a portion of the Fox Valley. She worked as a rural mail carrier and with the Appleton Housing Authority. Stuck served as an aide to former Congressman Steve Kagen.

Rep. Amanda Stuck joins WFRV Local 5’s Newsmaker

Gallagher was first elected to Congress in 2016 after he served seven years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corp. Before taking office, Gallagher worked in the private sector at a global energy and supply chain management company in Green Bay.

Congressman Mike Gallagher joins WFRV Local 5’s Newsmaker

Both sat down with WFRV Local 5 to answer the 5 Critical Questions on the minds of voters.


How is the U.S. handling the COVID-19 pandemic and what needs to be done, if anything, to improve the situation?


What do we do about the current recession that we are in?


Do you think we need another stimulus package in light of financial challenges imposed by COVID-19?


What about race relations? Following the death of George Floyd, the Kenosha shooting of Jacob blake, and the protests in Portland, what needs to be done to improve race relations?


This school year is largely unprecedented and draws attention to disparities such as lack of access to Internet or other resources – what needs to be done to close the gap in schools?

What is 5 Critical Questions?

5 Critical Questions is a WFRV Local 5 project providing voters an opportunity to learn more about what their candidates stand for.

We look to do this when there are two remaining candidates for office either in a contested single party primary with no other party running – or a final election.

The digitally exclusive project is different to a traditional debate in a few ways: 

  1. Candidates are not in the same room when the questions are asked. This is important because it averts any kind of debate tactic, influence, drama, or digression from the issues.
  2. The two candidates answer the same exact five questions, asked in the exact same way. This allows the viewer to see clearly where the candidates stand on the issues that may decide their vote.
  3. Answers are not edited in any way. We ask candidates to limit their answers to three minutes and then we stand back until they’re finished. What you see online is word for word what the candidates told us.