GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Have you ever wondered what it was like on a campus during the coronavirus pandemic?

Digital Reporter Kyle Malzhan takes you along through his day as a college student at UW-Green Bay.

Just like anything else, there’s a bunch of changes to how things operate on a college campus. Most classes are now done virtually limiting the students at schools.

At UW-Green Bay, it’s night and day to what it was a year ago.

As you enter any building on campus, it’s required to wear a mask. There are also numerous sanitizing stations placed around the doors and throughout the buildings.

When you walk around the school, you’ll see many areas blocked off with caution tape. Those were designated areas where you could sit down before or after class to study or relax but they’re now gone, for the most part, so people don’t congregate in halls or rooms.

When you get to your classroom, it’s all spaced out so everyone is 6-8 feet apart from one another. There’s also hand sanitizers in and around the classroom. This class specifically was a class with 22 students in it and it was taught in a theater hall. The professor is lecturing on the stage while students are spread out to keep their distance.

The dining at UWGB is totally different in 2020. Chairs and tables are spread out and 6 feet apart. There are designated times when students can come to the Market Place and eat. The university encourages students to stay no more than 30 minutes.

There is also a new option for dining on campus at UWGB. Students will be allowed to order on-campus food and have it either picked up or delivered using an app. The delivering program is free to ensure student safety.

The university has many signs, sanitizing stations, and much more throughout campus to ensure safety is their number one priority for students and staff.

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