(WFRV) — Students from all over the country were given an opportunity to enter a video documentary competition through C-SPAN’s annual StudentCam program.

Trevor Connaher, a student at Bay Port High School, was a second prize winner in the national 2020 competition.

The program provides a platform for young people to have their voices heard. This year, participants were asked “What’s your vision in 2020? Explore the issue you most want presidential candidates to address during the campaign.”

Over 5,000 students from 44 states and Washington, D.C. answered the call. A variety of topics were covered including equality/discrimination, the environment, immigration, and gun control.

Trevor’s winning documentary, “American’s Digital Divide” focuses on digital media and its role in political polarization.

Local 5 spoke with Trevor and he said he originally wanted to be an engineer but after some testing suggested he may not find that career fulfilling, he re-evaluated his passions and will be attending University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to pursue filmmaking after he finishes high school.

Trevor says while there’s a lot of issues facing Americans including climate change, health care, gun control, and more recently the issue of how to deal with a global pandemic. “I wanted to focus on a unique topic that is maybe the stem of all of the issues.” He says.

As far as the future of handling social media and politics going forward, Trevor’s teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald states in the documentary that it’s always good to have as many opinions out there as possible. Trevor adds, “As long as we can communicate effectively and respect each other’s opinions, we’ll be successful.”