GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – There is a certain sort of charm in a long-standing, locally-owned business. It gives you comfort as you drive or walk by it every morning.

When it comes to Bosse’s News Depot, you can walk in with your coffee while you get your morning paper and feel the warm, fuzzy feeling of being at your grandparents’ home. Surrounded by books, cigars, maps, and quiet conversation.

It’s been in the area since 1898 when original owner Joe Bosse started it on the corner of Cherry and Adams Street in downtown Green Bay.

12-year-old Norman Liebert started as a paperboy in 1922 and eventually took over the business in 1943. It’s been in the Liebert family ever since.

Norman Liebert

Today, the current owners pride themselves on their impressive humidor room, where some customers will come in and joke, “I’m just coming in to smell a little bit.” (It does smell good!)

And if you’re like most customers asking what the best cigar is, owner Steve Liebert will answer you with another question, “What’s your favorite ice cream?”

Liebert says they wouldn’t have so many flavors of cigars if they weren’t all different. He says if someone doesn’t care for chocolate ice cream much, but loves vanilla that will help with finding the best cigar for their taste.

Bosse’s is also proud to still be carrying maps, something you may not always be able to find in today’s technology-dependent society. While you’re there to pick up your map, you can also find over 2,000 titles of magazines, and a book section dedicated to local authors, and of course, newspapers.

When asked what his dad would think if he came into the store today, Steve laughs, “He’d probably say, you haven’t done much different in here, it looks the same.” Adding modestly, that’s for a purpose, “It’s an old-fashioned newsstand and tobacco shop.”