(WFRV) — Few could argue, one of the greatest things about the Green Bay Packers are their fans.

Just watch any home game and you can hear Aaron Rodgers’ pre-snap cadence as clear as you’re right next to him. It’s quite an event to have tens of thousands of people nearly silent so the team can concentrate…or maybe just so they can hear since Packers fans love to, “Get loud in Lambeau”.

When the team is doing well, you will hear fans shout, “Go, Pack, Go!” with such synchronicity and pizzazz you’d think they were auditioning for a Broadway musical.

Local 5 put a call out to Green Bay Nation asking where in the world they cheering from, and just as we thought, Packers fans were happy to answer. Here’s just some of who we have met so far.

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Dena Reany, Phoenix, AZ – A Wisconsin girl at heart, Dena has lived in Phoenix for 20 years. She’s a proud Packers fan who is confident they’re going to take it all the way to the Superbowl.

Jerry Wiegel, Kreuztal, Germany – Jerry was born in Wisconsin and then did two tours with the United Nations Protection Force. Now this proud Green Bay Packers fan lives and works in Germany for a German Beer manufacturing company.

Paula Gruszczynski Greco, Appleton, WI – Paula and her granddaughter are born and raised in Wisconsin and proudly “bleed Green and Gold”.

Antonio Juarez, Mexico City, MX – Antonio tells us he loves the Packers for three reasons: their team colors, the cold and the snow, and what they do for their community. Antonio says it’s his dream to be at a game in Lambeau in December and to be a part of catching a player in the Lambeau Leap.

Nick Parrott, Essex, UK – Nick says they have two time zones in his house: London time and Green Bay time. Their family’s love for the Packers started in 2005 when his dad gave his brother a choice to go on a trip anywhere in the world for his 21st birthday and he choose Green Bay, Wisconsin. They went to a Packers game and have been back every year since then.

Peggy La Point, Portland, OR – Peggy was born and raised in Wisconsin and has been a die hard Packers fan all her life. She said it was “so much fun” to see the Packers defeat the Seahawks and is rooting for them against the 49ers with a “Go Pack Go”!

Misty Taylor, Lindsborg, Kansas – Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Misty has been a Packers fans her whole life and says that’s not changing, “anytime soon…even living in Central Kansas”.