FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – One Facebook post started a rally for the Fond du Lac community and it’s fulfilling a need that wasn’t made public.

Michelle Buck, of Fond du Lac, was cleaning out her son’s closet, who recently left for the Military, when she stumbled upon his high school graduation cap and gown.

“I didn’t know what to do with his cap and gown so I reached out to a friend at the high school and asked what I should do. They said to bring it to the high school because they have a waiting list here of people that are in need of caps and gowns”, says Buck.

After finding out about the waiting list of graduation caps and gowns for students, Buck took it to Facebook. She made sure everyone of her friends was aware of the situation and the need of graduation caps and gowns at Fond du Lac High School.

After more than 140 Facebook shares, that’s when the local Domino’s got on board and wanted to use their platform to help in anyway they could. They’re offering a free pizza or $15.00 credit to anyone that brings in a graduation cap or gown for the Fond du Lac High School seniors.

“I just thought that every kid deserves a graduation gown. If they made it this far to graduation, they deserve a gown. I understand times are tough because of COVID and not every parent can afford it”, says Domino’s manager Sandy Ritchie. “In my mind, if I can donate a pizza for a gown for somebody to walk down the graduation stage, that’s amazing. I would do that all day, every day.”

Domino’s is accepting graduation caps and gowns through April 15. Their goal is to gather 30 caps and gowns to donate to Fond du Lac High School. They are also accepting cash donations to purchase caps and gowns for students in need.

Buck tells Local 5 that the school is very appreciative of the actions the community is taking to combat the need. People have also sent her cash to purchase caps and gowns so, she’s working with the school and they are starting a fund to make sure more students get to walk across the graduation stage.

The support shown by the community to make sure the Fond du Lac High School seniors have a cap and gown for graduation is incredible.

“I’m extremely proud and extremely amazed at how many people have reached out. I never thought that this simple Facebook post would go this far in this community. I hope this isn’t just a bonus for Fond du Lac. I hope that other schools, if this is the situation at other schools, that this continues to go on even elsewhere”, says Buck.