GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Two organizations are teaming up in an effort to save lives.

Green Bay Rotary West Club and Curative Connections are partnering together to provide transportation for adults 60 and older to and from COVID-19 vaccination sites. As the virus continues to affect our community, they say the need to get the community vaccinated is urgent.

“We’re very cautious and very aware of what this pandemic is doing to our families and is doing to the community,” says Katie Hess, board member of Green Bay Rotary West.

“It produces a level of anxiety for everybody personally. You layer on top of that the responsibility that you have for serving people safely in the community. They depend on us,” says Steve McCarthy, President of Curative Connections.

Curative Connections is a non-profit organization established in 1948 to help people affected by polio. It offers a number of services for older adults, people with disabilities, neurological impairments, and people with mental health concerns. They started providing transportation to COVID-19 vaccination appointments in January.

“There was a study that recently came out from the Pew Trusts that showed with all of the planning that has been going on around the country that one of the things that officials forgot to think about was transportation for older adults to get to their vaccination sites,” says McCarthy.

The Green Bay West Rotary Club aims to serve local, national, and international communities in addition to enhancing the lives of youth and increasing international cooperation and understanding.

The rotary club’s goal is to fund over 500 rides. As the vaccine becomes readily available to the public, Curative Connections and Green Bay Rotary West plan to keep providing rides to COVID-19 vaccination sites into the summer.

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